Friday, September 10, 2010

Leveling the druid

I want to like the druid.  I really really do.  But I've run into this slight problem...
Been there, done that, bored to tears.
Leveling via questing? Done it. Seen it.  3 toons at 80
Leveling via dungeons? Practically memorized all the Northrend dungeons and still should be running them daily for badges on two toons.
Leveling via pvp? Wait, haven't done that yet. Or not really. And hey, the Call to Arms thing is NOT Warsong. Let's go see if this is something vaguely entertaining.  Let's try as feral...

OH GOD NO! I now remember why I don't pvp on the pally. I dislike melee dps in dungeons, I hate, loathe, and DESPISE it in pvp. I'm a keyboard turner (and a keyboard dpser but a mouse healer), and I have issues with positioning and switching targets. Needless to say, kitty dps is probably not the way to go.
So, let's try boomkin.  OMG, this is awesome.
So far I've gotten her to 79, run Wintergrasp (I got almost no XP, but lots of honor and it was fun and I managed to kill 80s!), and spent an inordinate amount of time in Isle.  If it's the weekly, the queue at peak times is almost instant, and win or lose I have fun and get decent XP.

I have noticed that there is apparently only one way to win...
take workshop, take docks, hit east gate.  This seems to be the default Alliance strategy.  Occasionally you get people suggesting we take the hanger instead, but workshop/docks seems to be default.  I'd kinda like to do a BG where we do docks/ws/west or main gate, just for a change of pace, but I keep getting yelled down every time I suggest it.

I was worried that I'd be vastly underpowered, but such is not the case. I get a decent amount of killing blows, and for not really knowing what I'm doing, I seem to be doing okay. I mostly dot then wraith like it's going out of style. I may throw out the occasional heal, but mostly I blow stuff up with the power of Nature.  It's surprisingly satisfying.

I'm even trying to figure out a pvp boomkin spec, and considering gearing her for pvp once she hits 80. I won't be doing Arenas any time soon, but I like BGs, and it's a nice change of pace.  Plus, extra honor means extra epic gems which means more gold which means Lyllea gets that shiny drake sooner and then I can get Garetia some better gear too.

Of course all this depends on what happens with raids. Currently Silver Dragoons is 5/12, and we don't need extra healers.  Tanks yes, dps, yes, healers no.  I dislike holy pally healing, so if we end up needing a backup healer, the druid would be pressed into service. She may get pressed into service anyway, since we have at least two hunters in every run and crit chickens bring sexy buffs.

In other news, character transfer is still nonfunctional in beta, so no heirlooms for me. I'm now experimenting with a gnome priest, mostly to see their new area.


  1. Oooh are you on Lost Isles? My toons over there are Sahteen and Nalena. My gnome priest is Teacupheals.

    I've the same problem with leveling. 3 toons at 80, so many previous ones at 60-70...I need some inspiration to level! I am not sure a change of spec would do it...

  2. Yeah, I am. Lyllea's over there, as is Angetia and a worgen. Hopefully Monera will be over there soonish, if the transfer ever goes through.

    Spec does help, I think, especially for hybrids where a different spec translates to a different role, but believe me, I understand the boredom.