Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Weird Things I am Currently Pondering Doing

Leveling the mage from 61-85 via BGs and dungeons (mostly PVP). This was inspired by Gnomeggedon's posts on mage pvp, plus I'd kinda like to have the cloth heirlooms free to roll a warlock if I can ever manage to free up a character slot

Tanking on the belf DK (obviously I'm insane but on the plus side my fail tanking couldn't be tracked back to me). Of course I should probably get her professions leveled first. Leveling mining, again, oh joy....

Leveling the space goat DK via BGs (I hate melee PVP, why am I even considering this?)

Grinding up two whelplings, a ooze, and a fox kit

Skyguard rep, Netherwing rep, Cenarion Expedition rep, and farming Magister's

oh and then there's 4? 5? quest chain minipets to get, one fishing daily croc left from BC, the Magical Crawdad, the Strand Crawler, and leveling archaeology to get those pets and mounts

Why am I pondering doing any of the above? Because...
a)raiding's been cut back till fall and I really miss it. Stupid summer doldrums.
b) they're all more appealing than finishing Deepholm on the shaman or Garetia. Seriously, I'd rather spend 8 hours farming for a 1/1000 drop.
c) the idea of running more Cat dungeons (especially troll ones) makes my brain try to escape through my ears
d) grad school apps scare me

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