Sunday, April 17, 2011

Call to Arms, Goblins, and other stuff

I've spent some time pondering the Call to Arms, and while I honestly don't know if it'll work or not, I do think there's a couple things Blizz could do to make it more likely to succeed.

1. Allow the call to arms person to queue with one other person and they both get the goodie bag. This would still help with DPS queues, while ensuring that the tank/healer has a friend with them (because instances are more fun with friends).

2. Add mounts that aren't so easy to farm for. Say, raid drops from BC like Ashes or the horse from Kara. I would never suggest adding achievement mounts (ulduar and icc drakes), but how bout the Time-Lost Drake drop, or the Deepholm one?

I've actually run some randoms lately (mostly on the druid), and the only bad behavior I've seen  has been from tanks. One tank dropping after the first boss died, and another dropping after he died (he went out of range of the healer and pulled). But for the most part, groups have been pretty decent.

I also finally got around to rolling a goblin. There's some good moments, but for the most part the starting zone left me cold. There's not the same sense of cohesion that I felt the worgen zone had. I think, like Uldum, there's too many pop culture jokes. I do have one random question though. Do goblins always stand on their mounts, or is that just a starting zone thing? Also, enhancement is really fun. Why did I not know that?

Raiding-wise, we bashed our heads against Atremedes all Thursday night. Part of the problem is my not-so-awesome holy skills. Body and Soul is a great great thing for that fight, but my unfamiliarity with Holy raid healing meant I did stupid stuff like stand in fire. We're hitting Bastion tonight, so I'm going to get some practice with holy in fights I know, which will help.  I felt like a complete failure after Thursday, and I'm hoping tonight will be better.

In the meantime I will probably go back to fiddling around with my lowbie Horde alts. My blood elf DK finally wandered into Hellfire, and was promptly squashed by a fel reaver. It's kinda odd to not be able to fly in Outlands yet, but it's very cool to see things from the Horde side. Plus, with warlocks getting pets of both sexes (YAY!), I can run around with an incubus.

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  1. Call to Arms is a huge change. I'm eager to see how it turns out and I'd imagine that once things with it settle down a bit Blizzard will probably make some tweeks to it (such as the ones you suggest) depending on how successful it is.

    On another note I can't believe you didn't love the goblin starting area. I haven't done the Worgen starting area yet but I did the goblin starting area within the first week or so of Cataclysm. Of course Uldum is also my favorite zone now as well so maybe we just have different tastes...