Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I found quests (and a quest hub) in Dragonblight that I never knew existed. This is especially weird since Garetia has the Loremaster achieve for that zone, and I've leveled two other toons through there. Huh. Did they add a new quest hub when they took out the Wraithgate stuff, or have the kill harpies/gather wood/kill undead goblins always been there?

Today (or yesterday depending on how you look at it) I've....
gotten the shaman from 74 to 76
gotten her two dungeon achieves (and ran as DPS)
got Lyl two more achieves towards the red drake (yes, the red drake from Wraith heroic achieves. I am lazy)
got Kael'thas to drop the pheonix pet
discovered the shaman can now make frostweave bags, and conveniently I have a ton of infinite dust from DEing all those greens I made to level tailoring

Economically, I'm kinda stuck. The jcing market is incredibly volatile and competitive, and I'm considering wandering into the glyph market. I've got a guildie trying to make the Vial of the Sands, so I'm giving her my truegold transmute for the moment. Most of the gold I make goes into herbs and volatile life for making Darkmoon cards. I'm holding onto all of the ones I make at the moment, since I'm not sure which will make me more profit, a full deck or individual cards. On the plus side my hoarding tendencies have really paid off with tailoring leveling. I don't think I'll need to farm or buy any until I hit later embercloth recipes. Leatherworking, now that's a different story. Wow, leveling that takes a ton of mats.


  1. The harpies and wood have been there, though I can't recall any undead goblins. Maybe that part is new.

  2. I just was surprised to see something that I didn't remember.