Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I've been up to...

 Helping my guild get to 4/12 by killing Valiona and Theralion. Now on to the Elemental Council (we've made it to phase 2 on our first few tries because we are awesome).
Gone back to Wraith to get a few achieves (and completely redone my UI while I was at it. Looky at the nifty transparency!)
Started farming Kael'thas's arse for his pet birds. Since they're adding a 100 pets achieve in 4.1, I'm trying to get Lyl as close as possible, plus I want a Yarping Bird Mount (Hawkstriders make a YARP noise when you summon them and it makes me giggle).

Other than that, it's been shaman-leveling, card-making when I find cheap herbs on the AH, and general slacking off.

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