Monday, August 29, 2011

Not dead, just brain-dead

So, job search. Lots and lots of internet surfing, revamping my resume for the millionth time, filling out applications, and all that other fun stuff. Yup, my job search has totally sapped my will to write and is now life-draining it. Stupid lock.

I'm hoping for good heals soon, but in the meantime, there has been wow. Lots of wow.

A shaman hit 85, and I discovered Elemental is awesome.
A hunter went a'raiding. She also got a rare Wraith bird and a lava spider.
A priest healed some people killing stuff in Firelands. (spider and steer by damaging feet guy)
A paladin continued to be ignored.
A druid started gearing, got really stupid purple shorts, and will be raid-healing on tuesday for trash. In fact, the dtuid may become my new main (there was raid team falling apart, but the other team in the guild needed another healer and ideally would like a druid. They're fine with Lyl if I don't like druid raid healing)

A mage wandered into Outlands and never has to see Blackrock again.
A rogue snuck into Outlands and is busily slaughtering and skinning everything in Hellfire.
A DK actually went up a level (yay dungeon-running at 2 am)

And I now have every profession above 500. Much gold was spent, but yay.

Oh, and I found my trans shadow set. See? Yup, hideous colors, but man, that silhouette will be kick-arse when Lyl's in shadowform.  The shaman may end up in lvl 70 pvp enhance gear, mostly cause I think the shoulders are cool-looking, and the jury's out on the others. Haven't really seen a set that grabs me for them yet.

and here, a pretty picture....

Hope everyone's having fun. Now back to the job search, and DragonCon prep!