Saturday, May 9, 2015

A poem, because my brain is trying to kill me again.

I got nothing. Massive depression hit, then after I started to dig out of that, I learned that a) I have major anxiety, and b) anxiety attacks make me suicidal in a "FUCK MUST ESCAPE" sort of way. Oh joy.

I was at least smart enough to get help before I did something stupid this time, so the suicide attempt counter stays at 7ish! Go me! But there has been no gaming, almost no knitting, mostly reading, and no real desire to talk about anything.

But I want to do my best as far as writing for this blog, even if I feel like screaming every time I think of it lately. So, here, I stole a poem and slightly rewrote the first stanza for you guys!

Hormones! Oh hormones! 
I hate you! You stink!
I wish I could wash you 
away in the sink, 
if only a bomb 
would explode you to bits.
Hormones! Oh hormones!
You're giving me fits!
- with apologies to Shell Silverstein!

Original Source (second poem down)