Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I think leveling has driven me insane again...

Sung to the tune of "I've been working on the railroad"

I've been leveling in Hyjal
All the live-long day
I've been leveling in Hyjal
Just to pass the time away

Can't you hear the raid lead yelling
"Druid, get that guy reborn!"
Can't you hear the raid lead yelling
"Dk blow your horn!"

DK, won't you blow?
DK won't you blow?
DK won't you blow your horn?

It's entirely possible I'm more than a bit sick of Hyjal. And Deepholm, Uldum, Vash'jir, and Twilight Highlands. But here, have a blind dragon death shot from a couple weeks back while I go back to gritting my teeth and leveling the hunter (or procrastinating by doing just about anything else).

Monday, May 30, 2011

So I haven't logged onto WoW in... a week and a half.  Thus, complete and total lack of blogging. Also, complete and total keeping up with WoW news, reading WoW blogs, ect.  I have, however, been playing a game. Yup, I'm cheating on WoW with....

Fallout 3

Since I'm an Explorer/Achiever, this should not be a huge shock. I like wandering around a world, seeing it, and learning about it. And let's face it, there is very little left for me to explore in WoW.  But a mutant wasteland, oooh, that's new! I've gone through the main questline ( and am extremely sad about the lack of a "My dad's insane, I'm just humoring him" option), and now, there's mostly just wandering around collecting bobbleheads. Like Oblivion (which I LOVED), this game has a kinda lousy main questline, but a great open world and the ability to just ignore the main questline if you want to. Oh, and it also has a remarkably interesting and annoying collection of bugs. Ask me how I feel about having to install a mod so I can alt+tab out to go check gamefaqs. On the other hand, ask me about god mode (hey, I haven't played anything remotely resembling a first person shooter in a long time, I dislike being ripped to bits, and it's a single person game so cheating will not change anyone else's game experience, only make mine a bit less frustrating at times).

So, except for raiding, I don't expect to spend much time in WoW for a bit. A break will do me good. And Fallout 3: New Vegas is sitting on my bookshelf, calling to me with its' lack of confusing Metro (which I can navigate perfectly well in RL).

Monday, May 2, 2011

WHEE! 300 posts!

I'm going to take this opportunity to thank some bloggers, past and present, who have inspired me. So...
Thank you to Big Red Kitty, Pike of Aspect of the Hare, Tam and Charity of Righteous Orbs, Amber of I Like Bubbles, Larisa of the Pink Pigtail Inn, Blog Azeroth, and everyone I'm forgetting! You all are awesome!

I know I'm forgetting some great people and I apologize for that. The wonderful thing about this wow-blogging community is that there are so many great blogs!

Here's to 300 posts, and to Blizz for making a game that's managed to do what no game ever has before, hold my attention for more than a couple of months!