Monday, May 30, 2011

So I haven't logged onto WoW in... a week and a half.  Thus, complete and total lack of blogging. Also, complete and total keeping up with WoW news, reading WoW blogs, ect.  I have, however, been playing a game. Yup, I'm cheating on WoW with....

Fallout 3

Since I'm an Explorer/Achiever, this should not be a huge shock. I like wandering around a world, seeing it, and learning about it. And let's face it, there is very little left for me to explore in WoW.  But a mutant wasteland, oooh, that's new! I've gone through the main questline ( and am extremely sad about the lack of a "My dad's insane, I'm just humoring him" option), and now, there's mostly just wandering around collecting bobbleheads. Like Oblivion (which I LOVED), this game has a kinda lousy main questline, but a great open world and the ability to just ignore the main questline if you want to. Oh, and it also has a remarkably interesting and annoying collection of bugs. Ask me how I feel about having to install a mod so I can alt+tab out to go check gamefaqs. On the other hand, ask me about god mode (hey, I haven't played anything remotely resembling a first person shooter in a long time, I dislike being ripped to bits, and it's a single person game so cheating will not change anyone else's game experience, only make mine a bit less frustrating at times).

So, except for raiding, I don't expect to spend much time in WoW for a bit. A break will do me good. And Fallout 3: New Vegas is sitting on my bookshelf, calling to me with its' lack of confusing Metro (which I can navigate perfectly well in RL).

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