Monday, July 26, 2010

Once again, I am contemplating finding a proper raiding guild. I love my guild, I really really do, but I want two things it seems incapable of managing...
1. Raids that actually happen
2. And start on time

I have really been enjoying raiding with Positive Push, but the Saturday night thing is a bit of a problem. Saturday night is the night my friends generally get together, and it's also the night PP runs their 25 mans. Any other night of the week I could manage without a conflict, but Saturday is problematic.

I don't want SERIOUS raiding, just um, killing the Lich King eventually, and fun. Ooh, and an earlier start time to raids would be nice. I'm on Eastern time and the server's on mountain and raiding till 2 am my time can be a problem, especially since the hard fights tend to be later and I'm not really awake and there is standing in bad stuff and yeah, bad.  Ooh, and I want a guild that doesn't mind that I have mining.  I like mining, and randomly spotting ore and grabbing it makes me happy.

I'm currently looking through the recruitment threads on the realm forums, and well, healers seem to be in a bit of demand. I'd like to be able to switch-hit though, so I may have a bit more of a challenge. And lots of openings for holy/shadow, none thus far for disc/shadow. Gorram it, I like my bubbles.

If I decide to go forward with this, expect more posts on it. Now off to um, do real life stuff in prep for tomorrow.


  1. I understand the time problem. I'm on East Coast time, but the server my buddies and I inhabit is a Central time server. Not a big problem since a majority of us are East Coasters, except we can't field a complete 10 man yet and PuGs are either on Server time or Westcoast time.

    We decided a while back to just be a casual raiding guild. We try to do one night a week, generally Wednesday and if time permits we'll do a follow up on Sunday, except its hard to get PuGs that come on Wednesday to show up on Sunday. But right now we can manage 6 of 12 which isn't very bad at all for a 7 man team.

  2. I have a friend who has raided with Positive Push and she said the same thing, Saturday night's (not) alright for fightin'. She's West Coast, but she still said that things went a bit too late for her. You could always come over to the Horde on Shadow Council. Tarinae and I would love to have you!

  3. Raids that don't start on time drive me disproportionately nuts for the minor degree of inconvienence.