Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This just in, Heroic LK 10 Still Hard (and other random things)

So, there was stuff this week. 
And yes, I did go on a ICC drake run. My opinion is as follows...
everything before PP, easy-peasy even on heroic and while trying for the achieves. Someone may have died on heroic lootship, but I was too busy going "WHEE! CANNONS!" to notice. I like the cannons :)
PP, plague still kills, but we killed him fast enough it didn't matter (if you've never done PP on heroic, there's a plague he gives you that you have to pass around). We soulstoned one healer, passed it to them, then the second go-round did the same thing, except with a battlerez. PP didn't last long enough for a third.
Dreamwalker: wow, I remember this being really hard on heroic, and now it's easy. Sadly, we didn't get the achieve
Sindy: same as Dreamwalker
LK: This is the only heroic fight I'd never seen in ICC 10. Yeah, after several wipes on heroic, we did it normally so the people who'd never been that far before could get Kingslayer. It's still difficult, and there's a ton of stuff going on. It reminds me more of a Cataclysm raid, really. Just a ton of stuff, not all of it happening at once, but enough stuff overall that the fight doesn't make much sense until you see it a time or two. We're going back on Sat, and hopefully we can get the achieves for Dream and Sindy and down LK on heroic.

Shaman-leveling: is coming along. The walrus people dailies continue to give good XP, so I'm trying to remember to log in to do them, even if I don't plan on working on her that day. She's also started the Tournament stuff. I still don't like the tournament at all, but a) good XP, and b) Lyllea and/or Garetia will need to go back to do it to get the mounts and pets. So might as well get some practice jousting (which I am fail at). Profession-wise, her tailoring's hit embercloth, and her leatherworking continues to lag due to lack of mats. Which leads me to my next topic...

Other leveling: Oddly enough both the pally and the hunter leveled this week. I got bored of Northrend, so I played around on the pally and discovered that I want Deepholm to end, NOW. I love the dailies there, I just really really HATE having to do the entire zone to unlock them. Why can't they be like the Uldum daily, just a short questchain and then you get to hit pygmies with mallets? Especially given that the enchants aren't BOA, this is extremely annoying. The pally's my 3rd toon to do Deepholm, and I've got two more on the way. I don't want to do that zone twice more, I really don't!

As for Garetia, I decided to drop herbalism and pick up skinning. I need a high level skinner to feed mats to the shaman, so she can make gear for herself, the druid, and Garetia. The pally can make gear for herself and weapons for everyone else, and I just picked up a couple of JCing recipes for rings and neck pieces, so in theory I can trick my alts out without running heroics till I want to stab things. In practice, I'll probably end up running heroics till I want to stab things for rep and chaos orbs but at least I'll be doing it on the shaman, right? Garetia's getting leveled in the slowest way possible by leveling skinning while waiting for the dungeon finder, then leveling archeology (vial of the sands, I will have you!) while waiting for the dungeon finder, and possibly doing old rep grinds while waiting for the dungeon finder.  There's going to be a lot of waiting. 

Of course, that does lead to a problem. I have no idea how to hunter with focus. Seriously, I'm just button-mashing over here. I know MM is supposed to be a bit underpowered, and Garetia's UI is having issues, but I'm pretty sure that I should do more damage now than I did in ICC, right? Right? I think my priority's probably wrong, that I shouldn't be using SS, then Chimera, Arcane, Aimed, and SS as filler, but EJ is not being helpful on that front. It's not horribly urgent, but I don't wanna be a huntard! I also am really rusty at CC, which is the reason I was planning on leveling via the dungeon-finder. Lots of practice is a good thing, especially since now we need hunters (both ours decamped) for Magmaw. Not that Garetia's going to be 85 and raid-ready any time soon, but I want to be prepared.

I guess I just like having a certain amount of competence with my alts. I expect to die as melee dps, and I'm not very good at it, but as ranged dps or heals? I have some clue what I'm doing, and I want to do it well no matter which toon I'm on. 

Thus I have my list of things to learn/figure out this week:
1. BoT fights for raid
2. how to mm hunter with focus
3. multi-target elemental dps
4. what mats I need to get leatherworking into Cat levels, and get them
5. if the shaman and hunter can be completely raid-ready with only crafted and rep gear, and if so what reps and what mats? This is probably going to be a hit Mr Robot for a bit question.


  1. The Dreamwalker achi seemed slightly bugged when we did it, which made us fail when we shouldn't have (or so I think anyway!). It seems you have to make sure she dies (eh, gets fully healed) at a moment when there are no portals up, otherwise no achi :S

  2. That's probably what happened, since I know she went down with portals up, and I was pretty sure we'd gotten all the portals. Ty for the heads up!