Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fire Festival...

I really like the Fire Festival. Yay extra XP and purple cloaks and easy justice/valor points. So, I thought I'd dust off the druid and pally and go run Ahune with all 3 85s before using the XP buff to get Garetia a bit closer to 85. Here's what went down...

Log onto druid. Wonder what all the buttons do. Remember something about being a crit chicken. Enter queue as dps and go work on troll dungeons questline. Vaguely attempt to figure out Wrath and Eclipse states and WTF do all these buttons do!
Queue pops...
What's my aoe? Do I have an aoe? Isn't there something about gaming eclipse to get max AOE and WTH is my aoe?!?!?
Find Wild Mushroom spell. Attempt to use. Give it up, and hit hurricane till I run oom. Hit tranquility by accident.
Ice core pops up, single target dps! Yay, I kinda know how to do this bit!
Repeat till Ahune dies. Be glad I don't have recount visible. Still don't know what all the buttons do.
Curse strength cloak drop. Wonder what to do with flowers.

Log onto paladin. Enter queue and start unlocking Hyjal. Be glad spellflash works well for ret because otherwise I'd have no idea what buttons to push. Vaguely ponder if there's an aoe seal, and decide not to worry about it.
Queue pops...
Lalalalala I hate melee, stupid adds won't stay still, why won't they stay put GORRAM IT!
Divine storm. Repeat. Hit stuff when possible.
Get most of way through fight before the healer asks for concentration aura. Realize that I have no aura up at all. Yup, failadin for the win!
Ahune dies. Curse caster cloak drop.

Log onto Lyl. Enter queue as heals.  Curse UI that's currently set up for Chogall fight and is distracting.
Queue pops. Buff, and start fight.
Curse melee-heavy group.
Oh crap, my fade's on cooldown and the adds are eating my face! HELP!
Repeat till Ahune dies, with a side order of smiting during core time because well, I can.

Log onto Garetia. Spin around the pole for 30 mins while waiting for dungeon queue to pop.
Queue pops. Vortex Pinnacle, yay easy one.
Why does our healer only have 40k mana?
Why is our healer wearing strength plate? This may not end well.
Wow, I'm the queen of agro! Wait, that's not good.
Oh look, we died.
And again (but I feigned death and survived, go me!)
Oooh, trapping stuff! Crap, wrong trap. Crap, trapped too early. Repeat.
Darn, my XP buff fell off.
Yay finished (finally). Boo, no level gain.
Oooh, I have dungeon quests to turn in. I should do that. And then there was....

Just one more level to go! Between that and preparing for Firelands (because I really wanted to run Hyjal on 4 different toons, damn you Blizz!) I should be pretty busy. I'm hoping to use the festival XP buff to focus on getting Garetia to 85, then work on Eiunn (the shaman) and Llonya (the DK).

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