Sunday, March 4, 2012

How to get a mage somewhere in 10 steps...

Step 1) curse paucity of dungeon-choices in random dungeon finder from 84-85. Stonecore I HATE YOU! Vortex, I still like you, but only in comparison to Stonecore. Seriously, aren't there supposed to be others in here besides you two?

Step 2) Continue to run dungeons, while cursing. Console self with rep gains and justice points. Almost hit justice cap.

Step 3) Stop by the Faire long enough to pick up one of the books that allows for collecting of things. Because those things sell well in the AH, that's why.

Step 4) Curse tanks who see either Stonecore or Vortex and drop. HATE THEM SO!

Step 5)

Step 6) Put on full set of 377 crafted pvp gear. 

Step 7) Spend those hard-earned justice points. I went for a ring, a neck, and a wand (decisions based only on upgrading ilevels)

Step 8) Check gear score. 0_o at fact that in about 10 minutes went from new 85 to geared enough for Hour of Twilight heroics (okay, pvp gear is nowhere near optimal, and I'll be testing my dps before I hit them to make sure it's adequate, but still!)

Step 9) Realize it's past 4 am. Also realize that Ask Mr Robot is now firmly convinced Angetia's gearing for PVP (can't think why :) ). Decide to blog briefly, then go to bed.

Step 10) Figure out how to mage at 85 (that's tomorrow's problem)

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