Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cataclysm Post-Mortem part 1 (the screencap version)

So, we have a release date for Mists. Finally. I am working on a comprehensive Cat thing, but in the meantime I give you screencaps that pretty much sum things up....
Cat, fun the first time, ridiculously hysterical on occasion. (Yes, this is heroic Porkchop with Koh refusing to die and our dps kiting him around)

And this is Cat the third time you do it. Boring and long and you want it to die, DAMN IT! (and yes, I killed a spirit beast just for that screencap). No options, not a lot of choice, do stuff in the order Blizz wants you to do it, and like it.

And this is Wraith (or an excuse to show off my shiny new blue drake). Go do stuff in any order, level in your choice of at least two zones per leveling range, and prettier mounts.

Oh, and this entire thing was inspired by The Grumpy Elf so go read his thing.

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