Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Amusement of Farming

I want a crimson whelping. I randomly farm for them now and again, and today I had something interesting happen...

I try to farm early server time, about 9 am or so. This generally means that no one's around. Today I started, discovered that track dragonkin is awesome, and then two lvl 80s showed up, a druid and a warrior. We were all competing for the same drops, and they could kill faster and had epic mounts. So how did I outfarm them?
1. Track Dragonkin. I saw the respawns first.
2. Ranged attacks. The warrior had to get right up to the spawn. I just needed to get 35 yrds away, fire once, then run onto the next one. THen either my pet would kill it, or it'd run after me. I'd get four or five at a time, with Aspect of the CHeetah up. (note: this does not work so well with the ones with ranged attacks bc of stunning)
3. I knew what I was going for. I know what whelpings in the area have the 1/1000 drop chance and what ones don't, as well as their general areas. The other two were spending extra energy killing what I left behind, the lost whelps.

At one point the dwarf even tried to shoo me off. Pissed me off for a moment, and then I realized that he wanted me to leave because I was getting more than he was. Ha! Like that's going to happen!

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