Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Pet Comparison, of sorts

Well, I pulled out my cat this morning, to see how he did compared to the cunning pets I've been leveling with. So far he's done decently.

He does more damage than either cunning, but has a bit more trouble holding aggro. Since he can stealth, I figure I'll level with him, and then try him on pvp, trapping and guarding stuff. At 80 I'd like to have at least one of each type of pet and do a true comparison to get a sense of how the three different types mesh with my play style. I'll need to do some research first though. My pets must be special and shiny (which Llofios isn't, but he was my first pet so I'm keeping him).

I'm also pondering a respec, maybe try marksman. I like BM, but I am curious about the other specs.

In other, non-hunter news, my baby pally hit 20, joined a guild, and got run through DM and Stockades. I learned an important lesson in the Stockades... buffing generates aggro. I knew healing did, but didn't know about buffing. Makes sense. It was an interesting run. My alt guild leader, a 71 hunter, used eyes of the beast to pull everything with his pet, then volleyed them to death. I'll have to try that on Garetia when I run it on her (I want the Siamese and the achievement).

Later today, there's going to be a ZF run, which will hopefully be more successful than my last one. Good time for Llof to gain a few levels, and maybe for me to pick up some new gear (I tend to get new gear from quest rewards and drops, and lately luck has not been with me).

Oh, and I hit Master Herbalist. My alchemy is at 277, but it's on a bit of a hold so I can auction the herbs I find. Need money for the mount after all. I also need to up my faction rep with the gnomes by a ton. I'm at revered, but just barely. (Garetia believes that Darnassus is tainted beyond repair, and thus her having a mount from there makes no sense. I figure the gnomes or the dwarves make slightly more sense, given her proclivity for guns)

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