Sunday, January 4, 2009

And occasionally my brain just blanks out

Now, I have hordies. I don't play them much, but I do. And now I'm going to tell you a little story...

My blood elf warlock was wandering around when someone asked her to sign their guild charter. I did, went on my merry way, and thought no more about it. I didn't play her for a bit, and logged in tonight to check mail and because my primary server was full. There were people talking about making a WC run, and I thought they were in general. It wasn't until they started talking about other toons that I realized, hey these people are in my guild. A guild I know nothing about, other than I signed the charter.

Just a lovely moment of brilliance on my part. I had one earlier when I made a blood elf DK, and then discovered that at the moment I can only have a DK on my main server. I do have one there, and this is her. Just rolled the day before yesterday...

I haven't decided on spec yet, but I'm thinking blood.

There should be a couple of posts coming soon (like hopefully later today), one with resources for info, and one on the awesome OP of hunters. I just need to get a fic (that was due on the first) done.

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