Saturday, January 10, 2009

A little experiment

Now, my hunter did not start out life as a BM hunter. Until the great respec of '08, she was a Marksman (and lvl 21 or 22). I've been considering moving her back for some time, and heck, I installed the beta client to see how the patch was going to affect me (didn't really notice a difference in practice, though the damage numbers have gone down a little bit).

Today I was talking with a friend, and she explained that BM is partially so popular because marksmen do more damage and their pets can't hold the aggro as well. She also said that I'd likely have to use a tanking pet. Thus my experiment was born.

Tonight I wandered over to the test realm, tamed me a bear (I have one on SC, but he's lower level and I tamed him after I copied Garetia to the test server), and then took something down. No aggro issues. Went to Darn, attempted to respec, discovered that I wasn't speced at all(?), and went full Marksman. Speced the bear and headed back to kill stuff. I did way more damage and the bear had no problems keeping the aggro. I then switched out the bear for Llofios (cat) and he had no problems holding aggro. The only pet who did was Eriador, who's 5 lvls lower than me (and lower-lvl pets always have issues holding aggro). I may lvl up Eriador and recopy her, and then retry it. I would think that cunning pets would have the hardest time holding aggro, so that might give me the best result.

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