Monday, January 26, 2009

A few more thoughts on MM

Well, after a weekend spent killing stuff (and getting coins), I now have a better feeling for MM.

I am still pulling off Cub (my bear) like WOW. Even in Aspect of the Viper (which I stayed in for a while to practice shot rotations) I am pulling off him. I am still hopeful that this has to do with the 3 lvl difference. (Please, let it be the level difference. I don't want a gorilla, but I want mobs suddenly realizing that I've just pwned them even less).

And in other news...

I crited for over 1K! Little squishy lvl 61 me! Thank you Arcane Shot!

Now to level like mad. You think I can get up 19 levels in what, 19 days? I think I can. (I wants the Northrend Elders. I WANTS THEM)

And I found this and yay
the Four Shot Marksman Rotation I figured since I found this so useful, other people might too.

Last, prowl still turns itself on. Blizzard, bug not fixed. You just think it is.

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