Friday, January 30, 2009

UI alterations

I did in fact have something I wanted to talk about besides MM, I'd just forgotten about it...

Altering your UI (user interface) for fun and profit. I'm currently running xperl
and bartender 4, and it looks like this

When I installed bartender, it looked like this

And this is what my UI looked like before all the fiddling...

I did this because, well, I installed xperl to make my life easier, and decided that the default bars looked really clunky (and were kinda getting in my way). So I decided to give bartender a try. It took some configuring (about 15 minutes of playing with both xperl and bartender to get them both to where I was happy with them), but it was well-worth it. You can see that s1 stuff on the top picture? All those abilites are now set to shift+1, 2, ect and more importantly, I can see them. I stink at remembering hot keys. I like the fact that I can shrink bars and make bars fade (there's a bunch of abilities I don't use much but l hate having to go through the spellbook to find them).

Plus it makes it far easier for me to target what my pet is targeting, and xperl gives so much more info, like party buffs, who can res, who's targeting what, ect. It's awesome.

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