Saturday, January 24, 2009

A web of professions

I have alts. I get bored with them and play them more or less depending on where I am with Garetia. I also have this lovely web of crafting because, well, I did it in LotRO and I'm going to do it in WoW.

I give you my web of professions on SC.

The main is an Alchemy/Herbalist. I don't use the potions much on her, but I like herbalism. I'm not sure what the max-level stuff is for alchemy, so I may end up changing to something else. What, I have no idea, but something.
The DK on SC is a miner/blacksmith. I like mining, and I think I'll like bs once I get it to a decent level. The grind right now is a little annoying.
The Pally is a miner/engineer. I heart engineering but omg the extra stuff I need is annoying beyond belief. But things go BOOM! :)
The rogue of squishiness is a skinner/leatherworker because, well, all my rogues are skinners/leatherworkers, but I didn't have one on SC. I've never gotten it past apprentice because I've never gotten a rogue past 10, but I've been in a roguey mood lately. Plus her ponytail goes swish.
The much-neglected mage is a miner/jewelcrafter because she's a space goat. I liked jewelcrafting a lot to begin with, but she's run smack into the bronze/iron gap and I don't like playing her. Apparently there's a trick to mages and I don't know what that is or can't manage it.
And the bank toon/shaman is a tailor/enchanter. I just leveled her tailoring to her max (she's only lvl 10) and I had fun and now I want to level her to 25 so I can level her tailoring more. I had leveled her to 10 to get her enchanting up, and enchanting, while nice to keep bags clear, is an eh prof. Tailoring is fun cause I can make pretty things and bags and then they sell. Hmm. Maybe I should switch the main? Must ponder more.

I don't have an inscriptionist because it was like watching all my herbs disappear into this huge black hole and wow, what a time/money sink.

And yes, I have more or less the same web on horde side, or will. Main's an enchanter/herbalist, hunter's a miner/blacksmith, priest's a tailor/skinner, rogue 1 is a skinner/leatherworker, and the DK is a miner/engineer. Since most of the toons are squishy-city, I've not gotten very far.

Oh, and last but not least, I give you, My Belf DK. I'll be adding her to the sidebar too. She's going to be used mostly to feed shiny gear to my other characters (mostly the priest and warlock) and to get gold.

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