Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And 3.08 is a go!

So, my game just patched itself to 3.08. I'm just yanking out stuff that matters to me, and stuff I feel I can comment on.

I can haz a DK on Trollbane now!

I can haz a mechanostrider. Once I get the rep up. I'm at 4250 revered I think. Shoot me now.

New graveyards and faster death runs! YAY!

"Reputation rewarded for killing mobs will no longer automatically deprecate. This means trivial mobs will continue to give out their full amounts of reputation on kill for the majority of cases in the game (level 70 creatures in Stratholme, for example, will continue to award the full amount of rep to level 80 players seeking to boost their Argent Dawn faction). " -> This is great. Maybe now I can get to friendly with the stupid centaurs (2 rep per kill means, well, I have driven them before me, heard the lamentations of their women, and wiped them all from the face of the earth. Repeatedly, and their counterparts still don't like me.)

Arcane Shot is cheaper. I like it, so that makes me happy. I dunno how this will affect shot rotations, but since I'm doing a complete respec, I'll figure it out later.

"Mining veins and deposits no longer require multiple hits to receive all the ore. Players will receive around the same amount of ore, stone, and gems they would have received from multiple hits. " ->OMGWTFBBQ YAY! That'll make lvling my DK's mining easier! And yes, I am really happy because I have 3 mining characters.

"Prowl: This ability will no longer sometimes turn autocast on by itself. " -> Thank deity. Very annoying bug if you have a cat.

"Demon Armor and Demon Skin: Armor increased by approximately 120%." ->Yay my warlock being less squishy.

"Hand of Reckoning(NEW): Available on trainers at level 16. It’s a 30 yard range taunt that causes Holy damage. "-> Ranged stuff for a pally! HUZZAH! Maybe I won't have to wait so long for the dynamite cooldown now.

"Improved Tracking(Survival): This talent has been slightly re-designed. Now reads: While tracking Beasts, Demons, Dragonkin, Elementals, Giants, Humanoids and Undead, all ranged damage done to those types is increased by 1/2/3/4/5%. " ->Every MM build I see uses this talent, so it'll be interesting to see what the theorycrafters make of the change.

"Warlock Pets: Some pets were not properly classified to receive correct creature scaling for Wrath of the Lich King. Their health and damage done will now be higher. "->Yay. Not that it matters too much on my baby warlock, but yay.

I thought they had upped Growl's aggro power, but I'm not finding it. I sincerely hope they did.

Volley nerf is a eh. I don't use it much, so it doesn't really matter to me.

So, I think it's a good patch, all things considered. The mining thing makes me ridiculously happy (I just started lvling my DK's mining), and the rep thing is a yay (there's an entire quest chain starting from friendly with the centaurs, and if I want Loremaster of Kalimdor, I need to get it)

Now if the servers would just come back up already....(taps foot impatiently)

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