Thursday, September 16, 2010

BETA: Looky at the new UI stuff (and a couple other random screenies)

I got to play around some more in the beta. I had transfered some premade characters, and *gasp* they actually showed up. So without further ado, I give you...

The New Glyph Interface. I really like this. It's actually easy to find the different glyphs and you can see all your choices, and yes, this makes glyphing MUCH easier.

Blizz has also incorporated a Power Auras Classic bit to their UI. Here we see me being alerted that um, I should Frostfire because I have some buff that makes it free... I like the highlighting of the ability on the bar as well, it's a nice touch.

And here we have the current state of the female worgen.... I'm really not sure about the pink box, I was rather hoping for blue.
And last, EYE CANDY. I'm not saying where this is from, but it's gorgeous. Trust me, just wow....

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  1. Thanks for sharing the screenshots! I think I'm excited about the UI stuff.