Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BETA: Whee, Worgens

After finally getting enough of the beta downloaded to allow play, I rolled a worgen. Male, since the female ones aren't available yet.

The starting zone is quite good, but um, OH GOD the female voices. It's sad, cause it's great otherwise but the awfulness of those voices completely destroys immersion for me. Hopefully they're still working on that.  Blizz, just saying, if my first thought upon hearing a voice is "Why is she trying to combine Cockney and Drusilla from Buffy/Angel and doing it badly?" well, the accent is not good. Dunno what it was supposed to be, but not good.

My human face is apparently trying to disguise itself as a Forsaken. Yeah, that 5 o'clock shadow's a bit out of control. But you can switch back and forth between forms while character-creating, which is very nice.  Oh, and text in pic is spoilery. Sorry, that was the least spoilery human pic I had. But here he is in worgen form, and other than the pink in his muzzle, I quite like him.

I still die a lot as a rogue, but I don't mind so much. And I'm hoping my toon carrying bags and heirlooms will be transfered soon so I can kit this rogue out. I went subtlety, and have no idea what I'm doing beyond... Sneak sneak sneak, AMBUSH, sinister strike/eviscerate, mob dead now. Just can't be caught out of stealth.

I also rolled a troll druid and tried that for a bit. Didn't get to form levels, and well, having done the troll starting zone recently in vanilla, I can safely say that the first few levels are completely different. After that, it seems to be pretty familiar. At least they increased the crawler mucus drop rate. Hate that stuff.

And yes, everyone's going "oooh Gnomer" but my plan is to do that this morning. Way too crowded last night.

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  1. I think the "five a clock shadow" might just be a missing texture, so they slapped the worgen facial on there and called it a day...I may be wrong though...

    Glad you are enjoying the worgen! I am still holding off for the females. I've a goblin female priest and my gnome priest so far.

    Worgen on a horse = oh