Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ooh, another way to gain rep!

For those of you thinking about getting the Ambassador title, working towards the Exalted, or simply wanting to ride around on another race's mounts, I have news!

We all know the factions have tabards, and you can gain rep by running dungeons with them on. But did you know that you can wear the city tabards at 85 and go run Stockades and still get rep?

Best part about this, it should work no matter what your level. It's not a ton of rep per kill at 85, but if you're in the dungeon anyway, whether to get the achievement, farm enchanting mats, or just to see if you can solo it, you might as well get rep from it.

I checked the tooltip wording of the tabards, and the city ones (SW, Ironforge, Gnomer, ect.) are the only ones I could find without a level requirement, so I believe these are the only ones that will work. That's probably a good thing, as really the only incentive I have to run heroics on Lyl is to grind rep (or to help guildies). Yeah, I still have a gear upgrade available from jp (hat) and I could use new shoes, but that's about it except for purple rep rewards.

I just figured this trick out tonight and decided to share while I was thinking about it. Now go forth and get rep!

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