Friday, September 16, 2011

Firelands Nerf

So, the nerf to Firelands. I haven't talked about it because we've seen so little info on what exactly they're planning to do. I'm also trying to sort my own feelings out on the matter. But there is one major point I've seen that I agree with.

Summer's never a good time for raiding guilds, or at least it's not for the ones I've been in. People go on vacation, do more family stuff, and generally aren't as available. This means less raiding. My former raid group actually went on hiatus for a couple weeks because not enough people were around. So, patch 4.2 comes out to now, that's 11 weeks more or less. Now, we raided 2 days a week, so that's 22 days minus 4 days which equals 18. 18 days and 2.5 hours of raiding per day, that ends up being 45 hours. That's a rough estimate of how much time I've spent in Firelands, and it doesn't seem like that much.

In that 45 hours, I've helped kill (in the order I killed them) Rhyolith, Shannox, Beth'tilac, Baleroc, and this week we downed Alysrazor. That averages out to about 9 hours per boss. Does that seem right to you? Now, most of that time was spent working on Rhyolith and Alysrazor, not because they were hard but because my old raid team died and I ended up in the other one which raids for longer periods of time and had started with the "easier" bosses.

9 hours per boss. 9! And it's important to remember that Lyllea is not well-geared. I hit Firelands in almost entirely 359s, but I don't farm valor and she's still mostly wearing that same gear (yes, I'm lazy). I remember struggling for a long time on Magmaw (my date for his achieve is early Feb, and I believe we started on him in early Jan).  I know we struggled on a couple of the other bosses as well (Halfus and Council of Wind, I still hate your RNG), and I very, very much doubt that if you averaged out all my raid time over the previous tier, stopping when Firelands came out (and I was fairly well-progressed at that point, with every boss but the end ones down), that you would come up with 9 hours per boss. In fact, let's do some back of the envelope math on that...
Jan 1 (we didn't start raiding till after Christmas)- June 28 is 27 weeks.  Roughly 135 hours of raiding. The average ends up being 16.8 hours per boss. That still seems short, but until I did the math I wouldn't have said that. Plus, that's still over 4 raiding days per boss.

So, based on my back of the envelope math, I don't think Firelands needs a nerf, at least for me. I've progressed further in less time than I did last tier, and certainly don't feel like I've stalled. It also worries me a  bit. I do NOT want Firelands (or the next raid) to be a repeat of ICC in terms of content spacing. I'd be a bit less worried if heroic modes in Firelands were more like they were in Ulduar, or if heroic mode tier 11 dropped gear as good as Firelands normal. That way we could have options! Get bored with Firelands normal, go try tier 11 heroics!  Plus, helm and shoulder tokens. Of course, they'd still look like urinals (stupid tier 11 shoulders for priests), but I suppose I can put up with them for a bit longer.

Now, I'm not against nerfing content to allow more people to see it, I just don't like the timing of this nerf.

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