Monday, September 12, 2011

Stuff, more stuff, and shiny screensaps

Well, Lyllea's becoming a belf, once I figure out the cash situation, and I'm already starting to stock up on cross-faction pets. White kittens, moths, the argent tournament pets, ect...

Sadly my liquidity's a bit low right now, due to my maxing of leatherworking, tailoring, enchanting, and blacksmithing, but on the other hand my alts have nice gear! Monera's now better geared than Lyl was when she started healing tier 11, so I think she's in a good spot to take over Lyl's place in Ars' raid. Plus, two disc priests is less than optimal. I just need to get the hang of resto druid healing, is all. I did two-heal a Halfus run, but my gear isn't quite good enough for that yet. I am having fun with boomkin, and my dps is decent. Still working on figuring out that gaming eclipse thing, but I do have the "DOT ALL THE THINGS, MUSHROOM!" aoe mostly down.

It'll be weird losing my stable of professions, but on the other hand, all they're doing for Lyl right now is making spellthread (and I've got a stockpile of that). I am leveling the DK (and mage) so I have a miner, and I guess one of them will become a JCr. Speaking of leveling, the DK's 78, and the mage is 68. The mage hasn't seen an Outlands quest in 8ish levels, due mostly to the fast queue times in Outlands and also my desire to keep her mining leveled.

So, where toons stand...
Lyl(priest)->still tier 11ish geared, with a couple nicer pieces. 4/7 firelands. And I've found her belf look...

Monera(druid)->ilevel 359. Has killed Halfus. Has also gotten the Patient title, and made love, not warcraft

Adowa (pally)->the much-neglected has a purple chest and maxed professions. I need to start Molten Front stuff with her to get the patterns. Since she's never set foot in Hyjal, this may take a bit.

Eiunn(shaman)->I honestly don't remember what her gear's like, but her leatherworking and tailoring are max'd and once the gold crunch settles down, I'll be making her some gear.

Garetia->same old, same old. Been neglected of late in favor of one of the other 85s. But she now has 50 mounts!

Llonya(DK)->max'd enchanting, and just learned the magic lamp pattern. She's 78, alternating doing dungeons and questing in Icecrown, and will be heading to Vash once she hits 80. Also, she has random honor points. Apparently before you hit 80, you get honor for killing bosses in dungeons and Justice for completing a dungeon. I did not know that.

Angetia(mage)->WHEE FROST! Having a great deal of fun with her.

I also have a priest project going on another server, but there's not much to talk about yet there. But see...

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