Friday, October 7, 2011

3 Things I Think Blizz Should do to Make Leveling Better...

3 Things I Think Blizz Should do to Make Leveling Better...
1) stop trying to force us to Northrend, Outlands, or Vash/Hyjal with better XP. Quests and kills should give you the same XP whether you're in Borean Tundra or Netherstorm. It's all old content, and let's face it, most Wraith babies have done Northrend to death but may not have ever set foot in Shadowmoon Valley.

2) Following on from 1, BC heroics should give about the same XP for a run as Nexus or UK. Wraith heroics should give about the same XP as a Cat normal. Again, it's all old content, and doing this would allow for more variety in the 70-75 dungeon range. I was doing BC heroics with my mage, but given that at level 70 a BC heroic gives me less than half the XP of a UK run, it makes more sense to run UK for the 4th time, sadly.

3)The gear gap at 80. I've run into this twice now. Cata normals require better gear than you get questing in Northrend or running dungeons to 80.  That needs to be fixed, it's really stupid to run dungeons to 80 because you'd rather run around Dal looking for Higher Learning books than quest, then suddenly be unable to run the new dungeons that are the only ones that will give you decent XP. I'm hoping that the new 80 gear sets are to help with this.

I know why these things exist, they're to force us into the new content. But the content isn't new anymore, so why keep the rails? Yes, when Cat came out it was a good idea to nerf Wraith heroic XP, but Cat's been out for almost a year now. Give us a bit more freedom, Blizz!

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