Thursday, April 12, 2012

RP Post of Silly

Greetings, all! Aethilred the Perpetually Sneaky here. You may remember me as Aethelred the Perpetually Unready, but well, after making an uncautious remark to Garrosh about orcs, I though a career change, name change, and learning to vanish would all be good ideas. Still haven't gotten vanish yet, but at least I can see the invisible bears when they sneak up on me now.  Plus leather's so much more stylish than plate. I'm even considering making a druid disguise.

Anyway, I felt I should update you all on some interesting (and rather ridiculous) things I've discovered. One, finding eggs makes you better at stabbing. I have no idea how that works, but it does. Also, my helm hides my incredible hair, which is a crime against elfmanity! And I can make even bunny ears look sexy. And yes, that's my friend Lyllea playing the blushing bride. The dress looks good on her, but the shoulders clash!

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