Thursday, May 3, 2012

So there's this GW2 thing, and a Diablo 3 thing

GW2 hit beta, and the blogosphere's had a lot to say about it. Mostly I came away with "the overflow system stinks" from reading posts, not from beta access.  I never really got into GW1, so not really horribly enthused about GW2. Mostly I'm curious about what new things it's bringing to the table.

Also, Diablo 3 was betaing (and yes I had access in theory, just like I have access to the panda beta in theory, but I really can't be bothered to be a proper beta tester atm) and I have come away with the knowledge that Blizzard has managed to put a woman in high heels. I do have a friend who wears heels all the time and is comfortable in them, but she has very weird feet. Personally, I own one pair of heels (not high ones) that I can wear and be semi-comfortable in, but the debate's been quite interesting. My personal take (now that I googled the model) is that it's like the lack of bras in WoW, that it shows a distinct lack of knowledge/experience about what is comfortable and what is not physically comfortable for women, or to take a more sinister point of view, a distinct lack of caring in favor of male fanservice. I dislike this sort of thing because it pulls me out of the game. My nelf starts bouncing, and my first thought is OW!  (yes, large breasts bouncing are not comfortable, SHOCK!) And honestly, looking at the picture from the Diablo Wiki, all that armor makes the heels even more ridiculous and stupid. Almost no women are going to be wearing that much weight and wandering around in heels. I don't care about the oversexualization so much as I care about the absolute stupidity and lack of basic knowledge regarding what most human beings find comfortable or not. I've grown numb to the sexualization, but I've yet to manage growing numb to models that make me think OW!!!!

If you're interested in the discussion, Spinksville, as always, has a great roundup of links. Me, I think my demon hunter will be male, and his name (if at all possible) will be Captain Tightpants!
(and in case you were wondering, this is to me a far more appropriate model for a female demon hunter, while still managing to be sexy, and that's Bo from Lost Girl, and she kicks arse)

I am still playing lotro, and did some raiding in WoW (my guild wandered back to DS). More on that when I can be semi-coherant (I have an entire stats article coming once I'm done making sense of them)

(edited to add my response to the actual model as well as to offer an alternative)

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