Thursday, October 18, 2012

Um, still here (just dealing with stuffs)

Sorry guys. I know I haven't written in a while. What can I say, severe clinical depression is a bitch. Combine depression with hypothyroidism and anemia and you kinda have the perfect storm of can't cope.

I haven't been really playing either, mostly just knitting and watching hulu and netflix. The problem with a MMO is that (while I love my guildies and friends) I need to be social to play, and when I don't even have the energy to shower, socialization is kinda right out.

I have played a bit, Lyl's now 86, I ran into processor overheating problems in Mists areas (luckily solved via a fan/cooling pad), and I have enjoyed what I've done thus far. My guildies are raiding, and I have been told the content is difficult/good rather than difficult/F YOU RAGNAROS. (yup, still holding a grudge about that fight).

So far, I've been spending way too much time taking screenshots and gathering every yellow dot. It's fun and low-stress and exactly what I need (when I can face the social). Hope you guys are having fun in Pandaria too, and I swear, I will post again when I actually have something to say.


  1. I could offer the stupid advice of someone who does not know. Instead, I wish you the best. I hope the knitting is going well.

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