Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And Life goes on....

Not really much to say lately. Due to life, I haven't gotten to go on many raids, or log in at all, really.

My guild did down Sarth last week, and no one died to the fire walls. No one! With only 2 healers, and the first time many had even seen him, I think that's pretty amazing. Especially since the tank was the only person who got the achievement for avoiding the fire walls.

Stuff to talk about....
Fishing in Wintergrasp. I've gotten the Victory thing twice while just fishing for Terrorfish. The tricks, as I have learned them are....
1. Track humanoids. It's your friend even if you don't have improved tracking. If you have improved tracking, it's really really your friend. Now if I could just remember to use it in fights...
2. Safety in numbers. Stick close to the FP, there's generally a bunch of people fishing there.
3. Get on the ice floes/burgs/bits. Sure, it doesn't stop a mage from making your day miserable, but it will make the pallies think twice and then hopefully go attack an easier target. Like all the people fishing on the shore.
4. Protect your fellow fishers. It makes them more likely to help you, and it's just generally a nice thing to do. Plus, once the horde are done with them, they're probably going to come for you.
5. Pimp your fishing pole. I'm considering enchanting my Walrus people one. If you do get into PVP, you want every advantage you can get.

And should you wish to avoid all of the above, there is a pool above the Alliance FP. I'm not sure how to get there but I have seen people fishing there. My guess would be that they fly in and jump off/parachute off.

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