Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Just a few things to say.
1. The heirloom shoulders are great. That 10% xp gain really adds up fast. Eiunn went up 3 levels in 3 hours.
2. The Argent Tournament pets are wonderful. I want them all. Just need to actually remember to run the dailies. On the other hand, the squire's kinda annoying. If I'm fighting for Darn, why don't I get a squire from Darn. I want some NElf kids running around. After all, let's see, you just lost your immortality. Wouldn't you be grabbing for any other kind of psuedoimmortality you could find? Like say, parenthood?
3. Going for Loremaster continues to rake in the big bucks. 1 hour in DB~300 gold. Sweet.

Tonight I see Sarth for the first time. And we're even going to try it with one drake up. This should be exciting!

1 comment:

  1. I think that we should be given a squire of our own race. I do like that you can talk to the squire and have it display whatever banner you're a champion of, but I would still be more comfortable with my Night Elf hunter having a Night Elf squire and my Draenei having one of his (even though he's technically an undead Draenei death knight).