Friday, May 1, 2009

Children's Week

So, a quick children's week update...
The Daily Chores achievement is kinda bugged. You need to have the orphan out for the first daily of the day, and fishing and cooking dailies may not count. But you can get the entire achievement done in just one day. Take orphan out as soon as you log in, run your normal dailies, and you should get all 5. Granted, I ran 9 dailies to get the counter to 5, but it did work in the end. Hopefully that'll work for you guys too.

Personally, I'm mostly in it for the pets, and man, such a hard choice. I want all of them (but I'm leaning towards Egbert and Speedy). And is it me, or did they recycle Peanut (the elekk baby) as the baby mammoth?

Now, I need to go prep for Time Travelers' Ball and the Renn Faire the next day. Must find bodice and corset. Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. How is the Renn Faire this year? Did you dress up? I'm hoping to hit it in the next week. (BTW-saw you on

  2. It's pretty good. I think the bells are not to be missed. Just an awesome performance.