Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New UI Details.

Since I've been fiddling with my UI (again), I figured I'd show the latest incarnation. First off, Lyll's disc setup in a 5 man....
We have the following addons (from lower left corner and going clockwise)...
Shadowed Unit Frames (for my frame, target frame, and focus only)
GupPet (yay pet and mount)
Chatter (chat box mod)
Decursive (those grey squares above the chat)
Chocolate Bar (and assorted plug-ins)
Satrina Buff Frames
Sexy Map
DoTimer (trying this as a replacement for Forte, and so far I like it)
and in the middle is Vuhdo.

Here's the same setup in a raid as holy... You can see BigWigs in here too

And then we have it on leveling alts, first a DK...
 And then a warlock...
You can tell these aren't healing toons because I've done nothing to customize Vuhdo (I'm lazy).

So far I'm pretty happy with this UI, and its' ease of setup across different toons. Only things I really need to customize per toon are the Power Auras (if I bother), Vuhdo, and any sort of special resource (runes, soul shards, holy power sort of thing).

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