Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Patch 4.1 Doom, more doom, changes, and oooh, videos!

My computer just downloaded a ton of stuff, we have extended downtime, and they released the video for 4.1....

So, why are there no female trolls in this? Great trailer, but um, why?

And watch this trailer while you're at it. Not because of lack of females, but because it does help with some of the lore of 4.1 and also it is awesome. Plus, Zul' Aman has returned as a dungeon.

Anyway... PATCH STUFF! I am picking out the stuff I care about, so go read the patch notes for full details!
1. I love the idea of guild challenges and am looking forward to them
2. Call to Arms, eh. I'll be more likely to queue if I can get a shiny, but I rather doubt it'll favor healers any time soon.
3. Disc gets nerfed. Owie, Power Word: Barrier cooldown now 3 min, and Power Word: Shield only lasts 15 secs. I said my piece on why I don't like this a while ago, I see no reason to repeat it.
4. No more hunting for corpses for rezing. Good!
5. Interrupts off the global cooldown will now always hit. Tanks and healers no longer have to worry about their interrupts missing because they're not hit capped. YAY!
6. DKs get a battle rez.
7. Lifebloom nerfed, tranquility's cooldown decreased, and efflorescence (aka the green circle) has been redesigned. No clue if resto druids are celebrating or complaining.
8. No more pet happiness system. Oh well. Guess I can clean the pet food out of my hunter's bags.
9. No more pet leveling, anything you tame is your level.
10. Righteous fury now persists through death. Pally tanks everywhere are celebrating.
11. Dispel Magic now only works on the priest as a baseline. So, was shadowpriest dispelling really a big problem? This really annoys me, since I liked being able to help out the healers by dispelling when in shadow.
12. More mind sear damage is nice.
13. Spirit Link totem sounds cool, pity it's a totem. Looking forward to experimenting with it.
14. Dungeon finder now taking armor into account. About time.
15. You get valor points the first 7 times in a week you queue. HAPPY DANCE TIME!

There's also tons of dungeon and raid changes, class changes I don't really care about, guild changes, battleground stuff, world changes, and even UI changes. Go read the notes here,  Me, I'm going to watch Doctor Who, eat fresh strawberries, and plot hitting the new dungeons ASAP.


  1. Indeed, didn't even think about it. But where are the female trolls? One would think they're about as important as the male ones? But the female to male ratio of bosses in Za and Zg is pretty skewed...

  2. Yeah! I ran Zul aman, it's a blast and I look forward to running it again. (it ended up being a 3 pug two Murderotica run and was really fun, just expect wipes and purples)

    But seriously, is troll society biased and because I'm mostly Alliance I haven't been paying attention? I would research this but there's this huge line of red tornadoes/thunderstorms headed directly toward me, so survival first, research into a fictional world second.