Sunday, July 3, 2011

4.2 Ranty McRantrant ahead

I finally got the chance to get started on the new 4.2 questlines, and now I must rant.

Former Leader of the Horde
Founder of the Modern Horde

I do not care how many times you tell me he's neutral and all about saving the world now, he's the FATHER OF THE FREAKING HORDE!

Let me give you an analogy. Picture George Washington, Father of the USA and first President. Man who led the rebellion against Britain and kicked their arses.
Now imagine that he's joined Greenpeace (or another organization attempting to save the world, feel free to fill in your favorite).
Now try to convince the British that he's neutral now. No, really, try. They're not going to buy it, and neither am I.

Yes, Thrall is most likely genuine. That doesn't mean my Alliance characters are buying what he's selling.

So, let's go through the beginning of this questline from my hunter's fiercely proud kaldorei (nelf) POV. This may not make much sense if you haven't seen the beginning of the questline, so go watch it or read about it or do it.

Okay, go fix the world. Good plan. Hey, it's the leader of the Horde. Okay, former leader.  Why's he helping?
Oh, cause the dragon aspects say so. Okay, I trust them.
Ooh, it's crazypants, the idiot grumpy founder of Darnassus, but now he's on fire. Not a bad look for him, actually.
Oh dear, he hurt orc guy. Do I care? Nope. Do I now want to fill what-her-face's head full of arrows for calling a member of my race a mongrel? Yup.
I don't care if he is CRAZYPANTS, Lover of RAGNAROS, he's one of the kaldorei! If he's a mongrel, so am I! WHY CAN'T I SHOOT HER!?

You're kidding me, right? So the founder of the Horde's gotten himself ripped apart or something, and now I have to go help his speciesist girlfriend put him back together? Dragon Aspects, I have no idea what you're smoking, but I want some. Also, I want to fill this Okra full of holes once we're done putting Thrall back together, but I bet you won't let me. Why didn't I retire to Zangermarsh like I wanted to? At least there, no one expects me to put the Father of the Horde back together. Sigh.

And in another, completely unrelated rant...
I can't queue for Cataclysm normals because my ilevel is too low. I can't queue for Lich King dungeons because I'm 81, I can't make myself caster mail because my leatherworking is too low, and I can't find any on the AH. I'm perfectly capable of running around the world and killing things, and completing quests, all in my lousy Wraith ilevel questing gear, but no dungeons for me. FSCK! FSCK!

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