Monday, July 4, 2011

Lotro: My conclusions must wait, but I'm having fun!

Well, it's been a monthish. I've been playing on and off, got my warden (who is ridiculously fun) to 19, and did some stuff....
There's a holiday going on, so I did a very fun quest that involved being REALLY drunk. My hobbit sings when she's drunk, it's very cute. Basically you had to run all over the Shire and drink 6 beers at each inn. When you finished, you got a title.

I bought a house. Then I was broke. But I have a house and isn't it cute!
Inside my really empty house.
Eventually I will be able to afford furniture. Until then, Syrana's sleeping on the bear rug.

But see, there's loads of options and you can change the floors and walls and even the music. Not that I'll be doing that any time soon, because, well, broke.
I'm waiting to give this game a full review (at least of the free-to-play bit) until after I get the warden to 20. That unlocks skirmishes, which I think are a big deal.  But I am willing to say the following...

If you're looking for a quest-heavy MMORPG with an unlimited free trial of the first 20ish levels, you could do far worse than LotRO. Explorers, questers, and crafters will like this game. That said, if you enjoy the game you will end up spending money on it. The quest zones beyond 20ish are not free-to-play, though you could probably stretch the Breelands content to 25ish or so.


  1. Houses really are expensive but definitely worth it. I just traded in my regular house for a deluxe...and now I'm really broke on all of my characters. :P

    And I've been doing the pub crawl quests on my hobbit every day too! For the Inn League rep of course. I want their pony and the wonderful lamps they have for houses too.

  2. Skirmishes are pretty awesome. I actually enjoy them more than the game itself haha.