Thursday, July 14, 2011

Well, gearing's certainly gotten easier

Finally, Garetia is (sort of) ready for raiding. She lacks shoulder enchants because I REALLY don't want to spend a few hours in Deepholm AGAIN, but I'm saving up honor for the pvp ones. Blizz, can the shoulder enchants be boa soon? Please?

In fact, having ready access to season 10 PVP gear's made gearing so much easier.  Sure, it's got resiliance, which is pretty much useless for raiding, but on the other hand, it's ilevel 371 and has loads and loads of shiny shiny agility. Plus, I can fill in those pesky head and shoulder slots without having to pug to endbosses.

Speaking of which, that's how Lyl got those hideous shoulders. Pugged Al'Akir and BoT up to Chogall. Wow, the nerf.

In other news, I am sitting in Starbucks, waiting impatiently for HP7 part 2!!!!!!! Yes, I am going to a late-night showing and I am ridiculously excited. So, in honor of HP, I give you some random videos....

I love this song. I even started it in an elevator at DragonCon one year. Hysterical.

Because I am a Malfoy fangirl. Yup, I'll be in my bunk...

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