Friday, December 2, 2011

Slightly Disappointed

So this is how I feel about 4.3...

Has it lived up to that? Well, I'm waiting for my decision after the Darkmoon Faire hits, but so far...

Really reusing the Eye of Eternity?  Awesome setting, you know I love it (it's my blog's backdrop for goodness sake) but fail on something new and shiny.  Sadness.  Naxx at the beginning of Wraith? You failed there, you're kinda failing here...

Here's hoping the Darkmoon Faire is F-ing awesome, cause if not, well, watching Quills on Netflix (or South Park or Mad Men or random documentaries) is more appealing. At least with that, I get knitting done (and therefore have something tangible to show for it). But Blizzard, PLEASE! I don't want to give up the game that has led to so many incredible friends, please! I want to keep playing, give me a reason to (besides the horse and Diablo 3 for the year-long, cause I ran through Diablo 2 in a summer with pain meds (ankle-reconstruction, owie)).

But for something positive, my run with the raid finder was relatively painless. I want to figure out how to hit an idiot through the internet (my blue bar = your red bar, idiot, if I have no blue, then you have no red), but it was relatively promising. I'm just not sure it will remain so (or be so if I hadn't que'd for heals. Yes, I queue for new raids as heals, and new dungeons as DPS.) I blame the begininng of Cat, which made me doubt (and still doubt) my 5 man healing skills.

I did get tier (but am not sure if I want to break my 4 piece) and did see 2 fights. But that isn't enough on it's own to keep me playing. The awesome friends and guilds I have gotten to know do that, and I have yet to see something to keep me playing over the long-term outside of those. Blizz, I want to keep giving you my money, please please please be worthy of it!!!!

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  1. If there is raid content in an mmo. The point to geting the raid gear should make instances more fun. Which by the way has never been the case for World of Warcraft and I suspect never will. Now the instances suck so much even if you play for the 5 man content it's not worth much besides making you sleepy. There is my two cents after realizing year after year this game is nothing more than a hollowed out version of the original with more fluff.