Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Naxx 10 as Survival

I give you the tale of my Naxx run last week. Hopefully it will be amusing, but if not, I blame the GREs. They ate my brains, I tells you.
First, the reason I speced Survival...

my DPS went up. By about 400. In the same gear, with the same gems and enchants. Yay. Also, that green thing is from Power Auras Clasic. I've been attempting to create an aura for when my serpent sting falls off but no success yet.

Here's my second death. The Safety dance death was my own fault. This was more of a "dps dps dps dps, oh crap, I died!" thing. Since the priest and the other hunter also died, I really don't think it was my fault.

Then we have a cap with all my power auras up. Mostly cause it bugged out on me. The red one is Furious Howl (I'm working on trying to figure out how to time my rotation so the big shots hit when furious howl is active), the blue is Aspect of the Viper, and the gun is a lock and load proc.

Then I died on Grob and then we all died on Gluth. I just took longer (ty Feign Death). I ended up handling the Zombie Chow. I was just supposed to trap, but there's two problems with that. One, the survival rotation involves Black Arrow which shares trap cooldowns, and two, my cooldown no longer equals my trap, so I had to keep running back to look anyway. So, on the second try I because Zombie Chow girl with my own personal healer. Not my fav thing to do, but we took him down so yay for that. Then I died. (Random add left and I was trying to protect the healer). Noticing a pattern here? Yup, Friday was my night to die. I died more on Friday then I did first time in Naxx.

Last death (and my fav). I have yet to make it through one shift on Thad. Either I miss the jump, or I run around like a chicken with its head cut off. (I've only seen him three times now). But this was an epic missed jump, so you get a screeny...

How I managed to wedge myself in there is beyond me.

So, thoughts...
Survival appears to still be the dps king, or at least in my gear it is. The shot rotation/priority is a bit less complicated than MM, and the extra traps are nice. I saw very few lock and load procs using Black Arrow, so if you want as many as possible, trap dancing seems to be the way to go (all but two of my lock and load procs occurred while I was chain trapping zombie adds with frost traps. It was fun, and I will likely stay MM/SV for a while, but I still like MM best. I'll probably switch between them, depending on what I need to do. For 5 mans, it'll probably be Surv, just because of the less mana issues. For heroics, probably MM unless we need trappy goodness or replenishment.

As far as my personal survival spec goes, I gave up some dps talents for Focused Aim (since I have it as MM and I'm using the same gear) and for full replenishment. Otherwise it's a pretty cookie-cutter spec.

Now back to studying. Stupid tests...

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