Friday, June 12, 2009

Alt Project (did I mention I'm a slow leveler?)

The alt project is creeping along. I may have finally found a warrior I can play (after way too much rerolling). Sadly, I kinda want to play the pally. The pally is fun and impossible to kill and um, yeah. Must not play pally. Must play squishies. Currently I'm going to try to get everyone to 20 (since that's omg much easier than 30 plus 30 was originally created as the goal bc it's mount level).
The rogue is closest (at 16) and has been mostly abandoned. The druid's 15 and is seeing some decent playtime. I tend to play her as a boomkin and well, that's not that enjoyable. I'm hoping it'll get more fun with more forms. The fighter has been an eternal struggle and I am now trying the "If I have to stare at someone's arse to level, maybe a cute arse will work" method.

Of course, part of what's going on is that I have less time, and part of it is because I need to be on Garetia more. I must grind Sons of Hodir, and I am over halfway to epic flying gold. Sadly, low-level alts do not rake in the cash like a level 80 with maxed herbalism and alchemy. In fact, alchemy's been how I've been making so much cash. There's always a demand for flasks, and I generally get up early enough in the morning that farming ingredients isn't a problem. On that note, Garetia will be an elixir master soon. I've run Black Morass once, and my guild is more than happy to run it again, and the only problem I ran into is needing to make an elixir that I can't get the recipe for. Honor Hold does not like me that much, mostly because I don't like them. Stupid Hellfire Penn. Thankfully, the guild is coming through there as well.

So, um, alt project not dead. Just really slow. And I thought I'd encapsulate my class views thus far (all opinions are my own and are not meant to dis any class)...
Druid-> Not wowed. Forms are entertaining for about 5 minutes and then it's eh.
Hunter-> YAY! Slow to start but once you get a pet it's so fun.
Mage-> Many people in my guild say you have to be a special kind of crazy to love mages. I agree. I lack that crazy. Painfully slow, but explosions are fun. It's also good practice for when your pet can't hold aggro worth a damn and you have to play the burn them down before they hit you game.
Pallies->Make it past the first 20 and they're great. But the first 20 are kinda painful.
Priest-> Ranged dps while insanely squishy. Not my favorite thing. I want a pet. Same problem as mage, really, just mitigated by self healing.
Rogue->Not wowed by the other mechanics, but sneaking rocks.
Shamans->Not quite as awesome as pallies, but still quite fun. Plus you can do either melee or ranged dps.
Warlock->Doom and pets! More DoTs! This is probably the closest to the hunter class, so no wonder I find it fun.
Warriors-> Hopefully it's just that the first 20 levels are painful. Hopefully.

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