Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things to do:

In an effort to keep myself semi-organized, I figured I should make out a to-do list of stuff I want to get done before Oct ends. Or just get done, period. Getting it all done before Oct ends would be nice. This includes stuff I want to get done before Cat hits, which might give you guys some ideas on stuff you want to do before Cat as well. Yes, that is my justification for posting this here.

1. Get Lyllea the Hallowed title. This means she needs to get to Northrend, and needs to be moved to the main account (for the Tome of Cold Weather Flying and heirloom gear). Since she's hit 64, I don't think getting her to 75ish should be too much of a problem. Yes, still having a blast leveling disc, and have even dipped my toe into pvp on her. Much more fun than it is on the hunter. Just need to stick with a fairly large group and heal and shield everyone I can. Plus, people actually try to defend me. Granted, I have very little idea what I'm doing in any battlefield, but I'll learn.

2. Roll a DK on the second account (before I transfer Lyllea) and start leveling alts via dungeon runs. I have 3 alts at Deadmines levels, and well, the the rogue and the fighter are probably not going to get leveled any other way. (I'm hoping that, like Lyllea, they will be much more fun at higher levels) And that allows me to do the same on other servers to level Horde side. I would like to get Loremaster on one Horde and one Alliance before Cat, but I really doubt that's going to happen.

3. Get Garetia the Hallowed title. Also, finish at least 2 more zones in Northrend, one in Outlands, and two in Eastern Kingdoms for Loremaster. (I have/really want to get Loremaster done before Cat hits, so I figure if I break it up, it won't be so painful).

4. Get Lyllea's mining and jewelcrafting to a point where I can level them while I level her. So far she's hit Mithril in mining, and is lagging on jcing. This is actually tomorrow's job. I've already leveled her past Hellfire, so I need to get this done.

5. Get exalted with the Skyguard and unlock the Netherwing on Garetia. Possibly on Lyllea as well. (or at least unlock the factions on her)

6. Figure out what to do with the pally. And level her professions. GAH, leveling mining AGAIN! Shoot me now. Dual spec ret and holy maybe?

7. Get the DK's enchanting up to Northrend levels. Or at least to Outlands levels, and then level her. I have a ton of greens I'd like to be able to de. And she can funnel ore to Lyllea for prospecting.

8. Get those last 3/4 pets. I want the fawn, gorram it. This may involve a ton of farming for whelplings and hatchlings, since the fishing dailies hate me (grumble, give me my crab and the other two crocolisks already!)

9. Get Garetia Classic Dungeonmaster (or whatever that achievement is) and Classic raider if I can get groups together for it (again, more of a before Cat thing)

10. Get exalted with the Timbermaw on Garetia. Then all I'd have left for Diplomat is the broken people, and they have mounts! (Cat again)

11. Get Lyllea exalted with the two driud factions, cause I want the title on her.

12. Explore Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor on every toon I can.

13. Level Lyllea's fishing and cooking and possibly first aid. Cry when she gets the Sewer Rat that has so far eluded Garetia. (Lyllea has much better luck than Garetia on drops. No clue why.)

14. Dual-spec Lyllea and learn how to play the dark side.

15. Continue to level by doing every quest I can find in a zone before moving on. Lyllea's 66/70 or 76/80 for the Hellfire Loremaster achievement, which a) brings in the gold like no one's business, and b) makes it easier to go back later on if I want Loremaster on her. (There appear to be some quests in HF you can't get till 70 and I think those and the pvp one are the only ones she's missing).

Okay, that should keep me busy. Oh, and I should probably add get exalted with Sons of Hodir and Ebon Blade to the list, but um, heroics not fun anymore. I have an entire rant on the running heroics for nothing but badges thing. Takes all the fun out of it (for me). So I just don't. I understand why Blizz did it, and I know it'll make gearing up Lyllea much easier, but part of the fun of heroics/raiding is seeing what we get and getting new shinies. Otherwise I run it once to see it, and maybe again if a guildie needs me.

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