Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Well, the priest is now 61, and has healed both Blood Furnace and Underbog. It was an interesting experience. Blood Furnace started as 2 DKs, a pally tank, a mage, and me, and ended up with just the mage, pally, and me. We did really well, and I learned that it is much easier to deal with one designated (and obvious) tank than one tank and two DKs who stink at the Omen game.
Underbog wasn't too bad. It was a mostly guild run (with me as the only PUG), and while once again there were two dks, there was also a tank telling them what not to do. He did have some problems holding aggro, but I think that was as much being way overgeared by the DKs as anything else. They were a bit surprised when I got one shotted by the hunter boss, but I wasn't. I was level 60, after all, and a clothie. I did get a level out of it, so I can't complain much.

Also, Lyllea has a hat that makes beer. This is possibly the most awesome hat ever!

In other, more huntery and end-game news, Garetia was finally able to replace her Tier 7 helm thanks to Onyxia. Then I got into a VOA pug, we one-shotted everything, and I got new gloves (twice). This embarrassment of riches almost makes up for my having no idea where helm enchants come from, and upon doing the research, discovering that the one I need comes from the faction I hadn't unlocked yet. Well, that's fixed and now Ebon Blade knows who I am. They're not overly fond of me, but at least they know who I am.

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