Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Brewfest Tips

Yay Brewfest. Boo server lag. Double boo lag ending my keg runs for the day.
Yay YAY YAY volley buff!
So, some useful things for Brewfest...
1. When doing the Coren Direbrew, it's a good idea to have everyone pick up the daily before you start and then make sure that you see 4 next to the quest in your quest log. Prevents people lying about having summons.

2. /target Wild Wolpertinger
/use net
(Or whatever the item is that you catch the Wolpertingers with). The macro makes it much easier (and they show up on tame beasts as well).

3. Jumping off the Shat bridge will get you the failing achievement.

4. You can sell the clothing back for an hour after you get it. So you can get the gear, hearth to Dal, get the achievement, then head back to IF and sell it all back.


  1. I am so glad about being able to sell the clothes back. No offense to the old style Germanic clothing, but it does absolutely nothing for me. Except get me a cheevo. I'll be taking the tokens and redistributing them to a Brew of the Month subscription, a pink elekk and a pony keg.

    Did you have an issue on your server yesterday where no one could stop the Dark Irons at the Brewfest grounds? On Fenris we had mugs flying everywhere but we couldn't touch them until around 11:30pm server time.

  2. We had the must be in melee range to hit them bug on Tuesday. Very annoying.