Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am slightly less fail now!

I got bored the other day and gearchecked myself. It was enlightening, to say the least. This would be it. Now, some stuff I knew, like the glove enchant being eh (it was in the gbank), but other stuff, well that was a bit of a shock. Beserker is nifty (ooh, lookie at all the AP and I really don't die much). But, given that my guild may have gone exploding (we'll see, there's a meeting soonish), I figured it was time to make myself slightly more appealing to gearchecking PUGs.

First off, the stupid helm enchant. I can hear those of you in the back yelling about "You've been 80 and raiding since April, why didn't you have a head enchant?" Mostly because I didn't realize I could have one until recently. So a month or so ago, I wandered up to Icecrown and spent a day unlocking the Ebon Blade quartermaster, bought the tabard, and then more or less stopped running heroics. Needless to say, this was not thought through well. So I sat down today, and finally made it to Revered though two heroic runs (CoS and I got the drake and AN for the daily heroic) and the Arcanum of Torment is now mine.

Second, getting the wolf up to 80 so I don't have to listen to "you have the wrong pet" remarks anymore. Thanks to the two heroics, one Ony 10, and the slaughter of hundreds of scarlets (because killing scarlets never gets old) he's 79 and a half. I even managed to only have him die once on Ony (a new record for me).

Third, getting the offhand enchanted. A guildie leveling enchanting stuck the exceptional agility enchant on for me.

Now all I need to do is get a wrist enchant, or I may not bother. The wrists are one of my lowest i-level pieces, and it might make more sense to go get the thrown weapon from badges (yes, the thrown weapon is better than my bow, and yes, that annoys me) and get a nice enchant on that.

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