Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Weekend Amusements

Ulduar 10 with three pally healers. Yes, the holy trinity. And we only died once (or rather I only died once). Granted we only did trash and attempted Kologarn, but still, go Holy Trinity!

(during a Heroic MT run)
"Fail parley, move on to violence."

(random guild chat discussion)
"So, leveling-wise we have two pallies, and one disc priest to add to our stable of three holy pallies and one holy priest. What happened to all the druids?"
"They rerolled pallies, or Horde, or both."
"Ah. So raid heals will be lacking, but darn it, the tanks will be golden."
"Pretty much."
"And you're not going holy, are you?"
"Nah, disc for life baby!"
(I am willing to go raid-wide damage mitigation (yay PW:S), but I refuse to give up my healing lasers. And yet I rarely use my healing lasers. Go figure.)

(MT again)
"Ooh, I figured out how to configure Vuhdo so I can see your health percentages with PW:S on you."
rest of group facepalms and starts looking into new healer recruitment
(in my defense I keep the tank selected, and xperl does show me health as well so no one was likely to die, but it was funny. I should probably figure out where greater heal and penance are bound so I can cast them without having to select the tank and hit the button. After all, flash heal can't cure everything.)

And very late last night I confused our jcer by asking for gems, then remembering a) Lyllea's a jcer, b) I got a very shiny gem from the MT quest, and c) I can use Dragon's Eyes. So now one of my new shinies Rod of the Blazing Light is all nicely gemmed, and I got Vial of the Sunwell the same run. What can I say, RNG was kind.

So yes, it was a fun weekend. I got to dps in Nexus (and wow does my shadow dps stink), healed UK, MT, and heroic MT, leveled, ran a bit of Ulduar, got my jcing to 425, and even managed to convince the dragon guys they like me enough to give me a tabard.

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