Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Well, it's been an exciting couple of weeks here.
First, Lyllea is Hallowed, has hit 70, and her crafting skills are well within Northrend levels. Yay.
Second, I tried to heal UK. Tried. With a tank 4 levels higher than me, and 3 mages, it did not go well. On the plus side, I now know my keybindings slightly better, though I will be putting them on a sticky note by my monitor. Not being able to find greater heal when I need it is BAD. And it's not like I would have managed to get any gear from it anyhow, with 4 people rolling on cloth.
Third, I attempted Sunwell. And got squished. Over and over again. I still say we should have been freezing trapping those scouts, but the tank overruled me. On the plus side, I managed to break 11k dps at one point. Volley for the win.

I have been paying attention to the AP debate, but since I don't have enough AP to worry about it, I'll just point you there for a nice breakdown.

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