Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Possible Guild Names

The drama has been resolved, and I am back in Silver Dragoons at the moment (and likely for good). But since there is a well-known RP guild on Shadow Council called The Silver Dragoons, we're going to be changing our name. And this seemed like the easiest place to stick the list of possibles for guildies to see...
Note, names are in the order I wrote them down, and no, I did not come up with all of them. I play D&D (the old school version with paper and pencil) with some of my guildies, and we did some brainstorming. Most of these are either a bit silly or have some guild/pop culture reference, or possibly both. And Eg is our mage of awesome/new guild leader/the mage who originated the "It's not a raid till the mage dies" saying.

1. Unbreakable Eg
2. Council of Madness
3. Shiny Boomage
4. Squirrely Wraith
5. The Mage Dies First
6. Oooh Look SHINY
7. Big Gorram Heroes
8. Show Me on the Bear
9. Bad Touch
10. We kill... oooh shiny!
11. Justice League of Azeroth
12. Cloth Equals Death
13. Druids R Us
14. Wonder Guild Powers Activate
15. Puddlemere United
16. Chudley Cannons
17. Distracted for Life
18. May Explode When Used
19. Bacon
20. Ministry of Silly Walks
21. Space Goats Can't Land
22. Poke It with a Stick
23. Pure Gibberish

1 comment:

  1. My favorites, in order of preference:

    Big Gorram Heroes
    Distracted for Life
    May Explode When Used
    Space Goats Can't Land