Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nope, the Alt Project is not dead, just hibernating

The Alt Project has been more or less sidetracked by the need for healers in guild, but I do occasionally wander onto one of them to take a break from healing or shadow.

The warlock's now 30, and I hope to get back to her eventually. I love seeing all the Horde quests. I kinda want an Alliance warlock now, since my Alliance toons get played more, have a built-in support system, and heirlooms, but I think that'll wait till Cata and I'll roll a worgen.

Shammy hit 21, and I tried to do the next totem quest. Got my arse handed to me repeatedly, then gave up. I need to sit down and figure out what spec I should be using and what rotation and all that jazz, and quite frankly I have enough to figure out with the shadow rotation/gear vs disc rotation/gear on Lyllea. Two gear sets with different goals confuse me. I even reinstalled Pawn in an effort to help me keep it straight (since apparently Shadow may want other stuff besides int, spellpower, and crit).

The mage, warrior, and rogue continue to languish. I know 3.3's supposed to bring some nice changes for leveling rogues, and I'm hoping that'll make her more fun. If nothing else, I'll try WSG with her. I have a LOOONG history of hating WSG, but maybe it'll be more fun on a rogue at 19 than on a priest or hunter.

If nothing else, I have come to some conclusions about my prefered playstyles. I tend to like ranged dps, hate fragile toons (at high levels a priest is surprisingly hard to kill), will put up with slow kills for more survivability, and am not a huge fan of melee or anything that requires precise positioning.

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